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The La Nuova Aurora Society of Erie, PA was originally founded in 1907. This organization was created to support the growing Italian community in Erie and the surrounding areas.


For over 116 years family and friends have been coming together for good times and fond memories at La Nuova Aurora Society. Our organization has a rich history within our community, honoring the culture, traditions, and heritage of the Italian community. We invite you to come and share with us all the benefits associated with being a member of the La Nuova Aurora Society of Erie.



Founding members plaque.jpg

The founding members of La Nuova Aurora Society in 1907.


Charter Members

Joseph DiPlacido • Giuseppe Giuliano • Salvatore DiFazio • Angelo DiBello • Raffaele Miozzi • Thomas Miozzi • Giovanni Miozzi • Benedetto Pede • Giuseppe Trivisone • Louis DiFonzo • Joseph D'Allesandro • Domenico Minadeo • Nick Marinelli, Sr. • Donato DeLaura • Michael Grignol • Angelo A. DeFazio • Benedetto Lombardozzi • Nicola DiNunzio • Micheal DelPorto • Antonio Vaccarelli • Dominick Chementi • Dominick Tonty • Thomas Yacobozzi
Honorary Life Members
Joseph DiCorpo • Luigi Grignoli • Frank Fabiano • Jess J. Julianti • John Galbo • Giustino Jacobozzi • Peter Spelta




The club Officers seek to always maintain and improve club privileges.


2023 Officers

President:  Lance Urraro
Vice-President:  Sal Zeolla

Treasurer: Ginny Vommaro
Financial Secretary: Andrea Lucarotti
Recording Secretary:  Melinda Colao

Controller:  Joe Pontillo
Assistant Controller:  Michael DeDad
Assistant Controller:  Lucia
geant at Arms:  Debbie Postas

Dawn Campbell
Ann Chido
Karen LaPaglia
Carolyn Vendetti
If you have concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know... via website suggestion, or by reaching out to a board member, or more specifically someone on applicable committee. 
Administration:  Lance Urraro
Bylaws:  Lance Urraro
Correspondence & Marketing:  Karen LaPaglia
Nominations/Elections:  Joe Pontillo
Discipline Issues: Debbie Postas
House (Including Society Manager):  Joe Pontillo, Debbie Postas, Sal Zeolla
Lounge: Anne Chido, Melinda Calao
Restaurant:  Joe Pontillo
Facility:  Sal Zeolla
Accounting, Finance & Control – Finance, Accounting & Small Games: 
Joe Pontillo (Chair), Michael DeDad, LuAnn DePalma 
Accounting/Reporting:  Lance Urraro
Audits:  Joe Pontillo
Cash Management & Finance:  Lance Urraro
Membership:  Andrea Lucarotti
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